Monday, September 17, 2012

Key Jones ( @KeyJones803 ) Q&A

Hello South Carolinians and world,

This is FiveTrey coming with an exclusive Q&A interview with model Key Jones. Key Jones hails from Columbia, South Carolina. I had the pleasure to drop her model bio on here which did great numbers and still continuing to do so. I met her via facebook with J. Andre Photography, which is a close friend of mine.  I enjoyed her photos because she’s a tatted model and most models don’t have as many tattoos as she does and most will airbrush, to hide them.  Key Jones embraces her skin artwork and that’s what drew my attention to her.  Young, ambitious and driven to her modeling career; ladies and gentlemen: Key Jones.

@FiveTrey_SCHG: Welcome to SCHG. I would like to thank you for setting a record on here with 100+ views.  Can you tell the readers where you are from and what you do?
@Misskiwi803: I’m from the country part of Columbia,SC and I’m currently working at a funeral home and I love it. 
@FiveTrey_SCHG: When did you start modeling and what was the reason?  
@Misskiwi803: I recently just got serious into it around the first of this year 2012. Modeling is something that I thought I would never get into. So many people kept bugging and telling me I should go ahead and try it. I stuck my 6” heels in this business and there is no turning back now.
 @FiveTrey_SCHG: What drew me to you were your tattoos. Do you think that’s a down fall in modeling?

@MissKiwi803: It’s only a down fall in the high fashion world but that’s something I probably won't be a part of because I’m not tall enough. In urban modeling, I don’t believe it’s a down fall, because who wouldn't want to see a pretty light skinned woman with tattoos, lol.
 @FiveTrey_SCHG: Does your modeling career interfere with your personal life, because I know some males or family members don’t accept the fact that models have to be on the road and sometimes in some explicit but decent shots?

@MissKiwi803: Yes, my personal life kind of sucks but only because the guys I date doesn’t understand the business. Just because you see me interact with the opposite sex doesn't mean I’m flirting. In order to have a strong relationship it has to be a lot of trust involved. Family wise they support me a 100%.

@FiveTrey_SCHG:  What’s the Ups and Downs to modeling? Do you like what you do?
@MissKiwi803: The ups and downs, hmmmm. Well, you get to meet all kinds of people and travel the world, make money by looking good; able to influence others that would like to be in your shoes and help them reach their dreams. Now the downs to it is finding and trusting a man to be in a relationship, because this single life sucks. I love what I do that’s why I'm pushing myself so hard to get further in this career.
@FiveTrey_SCHG: Do you have any kids?  Are you a college student or have already graduated? And if so, what are your degrees or major?

@MissKiwi803: I have a beautiful 3 year old daughter who I love so much that’s why I continue to do what I do, so she doesn't have to want for anything. Well...... I have my cosmetology license, Phlebotomy and EKG Tech certification, and I’m a test away from getting my bail bonds license.
@Fivetrey_SCHG: What all publications have Key Jones been featured in besides on SCHG?
@Misskiwi803: GrindTime Mag '12, iDymes Mag '12, Showout Inkd Mag '12
@FiveTrey_SCHG: What advice would you give to up and coming models?

@Misskiwi803: You have to strive hard for what you want. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it. Hard work pays off, it may take a month or some years but stick to it.

@FiveTrey_SCHG: Is there anything new we can see Key Jones in?
@MissKiwi803: I have some video and magazine features coming soon.
@FiveTrey_SCHG: Do you consider yourself a Dream Chaser?
@MissKiwi803: Yes, I do. This wasn’t my dream to do this but NOW it is. 
@FiveTrey_SCHG: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

@FiveTrey_SCHG: What is your outlook on the modeling landscape in South Carolina? And who inspired you; famous or non-famous to continue modeling?
@MissKiwi803: A lot of South Carolina models aren’t putting in enough hard work, that’s why other state models are seen more. No one inspires me.

@Fivetrey_SCHG: Thanks for taking the time out to answer these question. Is there anybody you want to shout out? And can you give the readers ways to contact you?

@MissKiwi803: Shout out to all my friends and family for supporting me through this journey. Follow me on Twitter: Misskiwi803  Facebook: Keyjones803 and Instagram: Keyjones803. Thank you for this opportunity.

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